What Your Clients Expect

I’ve made it clear to all of you that the most important thing you do in your business is consistently prospect for new clients. That is hands down the number 1 key to having success in your business. Consistent prospecting will result in a consistent flow of new clients coming into your business.

Typically I try not to even discuss fulfillment because I personally feel that if you can get new clients, there is always someone out there that can fulfill the service for you if you don’t know how to deliver whatever service it is that you sold to the client.

Where You Make The Most Money!

Because you guys have been loyal followers of mine, I’d like to offer you some complimentary training that’ll help with your Offline Business.

Probably the absolute most powerful thing you can have in your business in order to be REALLY successful is a powerful “Back End”

If you think about it….. the Back End is where the real money is made and unfortunately is the area that most people absolutely ignore.

Watch the video all the way to the end to find out how you can get your hands on this technology for Free. We are giving this to 5 People to try out before we release it to the public! Leave me a comment telling me what you thought about the plugin. Tell me how… Read More

Yesterday I made a short video about going through some easy ways to find low hanging fruit and talked specifically about how to target those businesses in your prospecting. I received an email from someone this morning actually promoting a product called Reputation Magma which will go out and automate that process for you. I… Read More

My Third Most Important Tip For Offline Marketers! If you guys want a copy of the Reputation Prospecting letter that I show you in the video, just drop me a comment here below this post and I’ll email it out to you. Until next time…. Prospect and Prosper! – Chris

My #2 Tip For Offliners

In my last post I discussed why it was important that you select one target niche FIRST in order for you to have a successful offline marketing business. Yes, it’s possible that you could have or may already have a successful business without listening to my advice. Regardless of what your situation is, you should listen to this advice! If you’re struggling to make it happen, this is for you! If you’re pretty successful and you’re marketing to a range of different clients, I encourage you to also pay attention. Taking this advice will help you scale your business like crazy!

Number 1 Tip For Offline Marketers

Starting and running a successful offline marketing business is not an easy thing to do! I can remember feeling like I was “right on the edge” of a breakthrough for more than a year. The problem was that I was dealing with a whole slew of clients. Most of them were a pain in my rear and they completely sucked the life out of me. They drained all my time and took my focus away from where it needed to be… ON MY BUSINESS!

Offline Marketing Success

One thing that I’m extremely proud of is my ability to test and refine prospecting systems to a point where they are simple and extremely effective! It wasn’t long ago that I was working my full time day job while trying to build an offline marketing business. As most of you know, this is not the easiest feat to accomplish. That being said, if you have a prospecting system that easy to scale and outsource, it always helps get you to your goals a lot faster!

A Fresh Start

Knock The Dust Off Your Eraser!

That’s exactly what I had to do to clear my head! As I mentioned in my last post, we all jump around from product to product, biz model to biz model and when we start trying to connect the dots, it just doesn’t work. It was when I made a decision that I was going to identify ONE service that I wanted to sell and ONE niche that I wanted to sell to, that I was finally able to get myself in a position to do great things.

The Drawing Board

Like most of you, I can really relate to the chalkboard featured above. For me, that picture represents what was taking place in my mind up until about 6 months ago. In a nutshell, because we are all bombarded with emails daily about the latest and greatest business that is going to set us free financially, we never get to a point of focus in our business that will truly allow us to break free from the corporate chains.