About Me

Personal Bio

First and foremost, I am a man of God. I have a very strong faith in the Lord which shapes my life in every aspect. My wonderful wife Brittany and amazing twin babies, Jayden and Suzie are right at the top of my priorities. I am extremely thankful to have been blessed with an incredible family. Each day I wake up and try to lead my family by example as a Christian husband and father. One thing that I truly appreciate from my childhood was the great example of what marriage was about that I received from my parents. I was humbled as a young kid by having to go without the “extras” but it did make me appreciate things more in my adult life. Growing up there may have been a shortage in a lot of “things” but the love I received was plentiful. I am truly grateful for the wonderful people in my life.
Chris Beatty, Brittany Beatty

Professional Bio:

Something inside me clicked pretty early in my life and I knew that I wanted to work for myself! I’ve always been “Unemployable” … Yes, I’ve had J.O.B.’s but I found myself getting bored in all of them after just a couple years! Not a bad thing! It was just time to do something about it! I’m an Entrepreneur through and through and am thankful to God for the opportunities he’s put in front of me! I love to help other businesses succeed by providing services to them that grow their business! Entrepreneurs are what made this country what it is today and I’m doing my part to continue that path. Another passion of mine is helping other Entrepreneurs maximize their potential and get the most out of their businesses! Inspired and Mentored by Internet Marketing legend Jeff Walker, I’ve been able to tap into the knowledge I have and use it to help others who are aspiring Entrepreneurs! There is nothing more rewarding than getting stories back from my students that I changed their lives forever!
Chris Beatty and Jeff Walker