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Timing is Everything… Or is it?


Prospecting for New Clients: Does Timing Matter?

You’ve got your list of hot, targeted prospects right in front of you.

You have every piece of information, every piece of data you could ever need: names, phone numbers, website urls, addresses, emails, company size, annual revenue…

You know which leads are currently spending their hard earned dollars on Google Adwords or YellowPages advertising, primed to invest in your consulting services.

You have a proven, solid prospecting strategy already in place.

Maybe you’ve got a killer phone script and you are ready to dial for dollars…

Or maybe you have a carefully crafted email ready to go out with an irresistible offer in tow…

You are READY. You have everything you need to start landing some new clients, and building up your consulting business.

The only question left unanswered is….”When”?

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The WHAT Or The WHY?


Are You Wasting Your Time Selling Features? Make this Mistake, and Failure is Guaranteed…

Features don’t sell.

They aren’t sexy.

They don’t explain how your product or service will solve a problem or create a desirable experience for your customer.

Features are what I like to call the “What” in the selling process.

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Offline Marketing Success

One thing that I’m extremely proud of is my ability to test and refine prospecting systems to a point where they are simple and extremely effective! It wasn’t long ago that I was working my full time day job while trying to build an offline marketing business. As most of you know, this is not the easiest feat to accomplish. That being said, if you have a prospecting system that easy to scale and outsource, it always helps get you to your goals a lot faster!

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