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“So Tell Me…What do You Do?”

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“So Tell Me…What Do You Do?”

What do you do? The all too familiar question that many marketing consultants dread.

Either because they have already been asked this 5,000 times and are sick of hearing it or because they genuinely don’t know how to answer this question.

If your great Aunt Ethel is asking you this question at Thanksgiving, how you respond doesn’t really matter.

But if you’re talking with a potential client, how you respond DOES matter and can make or break the sale.

This is also referred to as your “elevator pitch.”

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The WHAT Or The WHY?


Are You Wasting Your Time Selling Features? Make this Mistake, and Failure is Guaranteed…

Features don’t sell.

They aren’t sexy.

They don’t explain how your product or service will solve a problem or create a desirable experience for your customer.

Features are what I like to call the “What” in the selling process.

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