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Success Principles

Gold Is Right Around The Corner

Gold Bars

When you’ve failed over and over again, the easy thing to do is to give up and say “This doesn’t work”

What sets the entrepreneur apart from the “wantrepreneurs” is their ability to keep trying over and over again. Absolutely no matter what, will not accept failure as the end game for their business and life.

Obviously, if you keep failing at business you should look at doing things different.

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Success Principles

Success By Association


This has been huge for me. Take a look at the top 10 people you interact with on a daily basis.

If those people are broke, there’s a good chance you are broke as well.

Not saying you can’t be close with friends and family who are not well off.

I’m just saying you need to mix in DAILY INTERACTIONS with people who are doing better than you.

Make it a point to be the the person in the room with the least amount of money.

Surround yourself with greatness and you’ll bring yourself up to that level.

Comment below if you’ve found this to be true for you or if you believe this success principle is 100% true!

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