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I’ve made it clear to all of you that the most important thing you do in your business is consistently prospect for new clients. That is hands down the number 1 key to having success in your business. Consistent prospecting will result in a consistent flow of new clients coming into your business.

Typically I try not to even discuss fulfillment because I personally feel that if you can get new clients, there is always someone out there that can fulfill the service for you if you don’t know how to deliver whatever service it is that you sold to the client.

That being said, I understand that a lot of you do want to know what you should do once a client is signed up for your service so that’s what I’m going to tell you. I’m going to tell you what they expect and what the easiest ways are to deliver what they expect!

Hopefully, if you’ve been taking my advice, you’re focusing on getting clients who are looking for nothing more than new customers! I’m talking about delivering high quality live leads for local business owners. It’s an easy service to sell because Offline Business owners “Understand” what you’re talking about. They all know what a new customer is and when you approach them, if you discuss with them the fact that you’ll be delivering new clients to their business, they’ll bring you in with open arms.

So the first thing we’ll talk about is what your clients expect!

If you’re speaking the “Proper Language” to them…. which means, talking to them about getting them customers, then you could probably guess that they are going to expect to get new customers…… Right? Kind of obvious!

Especially if you come to them pretty confident that you can deliver new customers to them either through live phone calls or web form submissions! Offline business owners are not very patient by nature…. If they are paying for a service, they want to see results as quickly as possible.

Over the next week or so, I’m going to discuss a few different ways that you can actually deliver on the promise you’re making to your clients.

The first and fastest way to deliver leads for a client is by using Pay Per Click marketing in their local area.

You could literally have live phone calls coming into your clients within 24 hours and you’ll be there go to person for marketing services from that point on!

Yea Chris, but I don’t know how to do Pay Per Click marketing and I sure as heck don’t have the money to waste while I”m learning!

Yes, it’s true there are a lot of ins and outs you need to know when it comes to PPC.

Things like:

  • Know exactly WHAT and WHY you should run campaigns a certain way
  • How to select the right niche so you know you’ll be profitable
  • How should your lead gen site be laid out to maximize conversions

If you can master all these things, you can pretty much write your ticket as an “In Demand” offline marketing consultant! You’ll never have to chase around local business owners again. They’ll be begging to work with you because you’ll be able to deliver results FAST….. Which is exactly what they want!

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  • Larry Jul 23,2015 at 12:46 pm

    Please send me a link with a description of Instant Templates 1 2 3 4 5. I am interested in making videos for restaurant niche only. -thanks

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