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Because you guys have been loyal followers of mine, I’d like to offer you some complimentary training that’ll help with your Offline Business.

Probably the absolute most powerful thing you can have in your business in order to be REALLY successful is a powerful “Back End”

If you think about it….. the Back End is where the real money is made and unfortunately is the area that most people absolutely ignore.

So many of you focus on getting New Leads coming in when they can typically double or triple their income by putting an effective “Back End” in place.

I’m talking about what you do with your existing clients once they sign up with you. How many times do you get them to buy additional services from you?

Do you realize that by having a solid sales funnel (Back End) in place that you can actually acquire new clients on the Front End at a loss and still have a six figure business?

That’s where success really happens.

Imagine how easy it would be to get new clients if you could bring them in with little price resistance because you were confident that you were going to make more money from that client AFTER you’ve established a relationship with them.

It’s SOOOO Much easier guys…..

When you don’t have to fight price up front, you can get so many new clients in your Funnel and profit wildly on the Back End.

I just wanted to get you guys thinking about this……

In my next post I’ll share with you the 4 critical pieces of your Back End Sales Process that you must have in place.

It’s going to be one that you don’t want to miss!

Until next time….Prospect and Prosper

– Chris

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